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Best Law Offices: Real Estate Law in Sudbury, Espanola and Surrounding Areas

Computers have completely changed the practice of real estate law. Most title searches are now done on-line and all deeds, mortgages and other documents affecting real estate title are now registered electronically. When it comes to real estate law in Sudbury, Espanola and surrounding areas, Best Law Offices is equipped to successfully and securely handle any real estate law requirement you may have, at competitive rates. Real estate transactions, whether you’re buying your first home or selling an investment property, are complicated. We can guide you through the process. We will provide assistance through all aspects of the real estate transaction. To learn more about how we can assist with your real estate needs, check out our Information Centre or contact us today.

Fee and Approximate Disbursements for Typical Residential Sale/Purchases

We encourage you to take a moment to review the links below to learn about the fees and disbursements associated with real estate transactions. These are the typical fees for transactions where no unusual problems or unexpected issues are encountered. Your fee must be expressly agreed to with us in advance.

Residential Sales

Fee and approximate disbursements for typical residential sale transactions

Residential Purchases

Fee and approximate disbursements for typical residential purchase transactions

What do Canadian homeowners know about title insurance?

Why every homeowner needs title insurance

Cottage Ownership: Know what you’re buying

Real Estate Law Resources

Are you looking for more information about real estate transactions? Best Law Offices has compiled a list of helpful resources for your information. All resources are for informational purposes only and should not be viewed as legal advice. Please contact our office to discuss your specific circumstances.

How a lawyer can help you with the purchase of your home

Does your lifestyle suit a condo?

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I have the internet − who needs a lawyer?

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Five common threats that homeowners encounter

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Why do I need a survey?

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Important tips for home buyers

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Does your lifestyle fit a condo?

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Cottage ownership: Know what you’re buying

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7 common mistakes when buying a home

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Is it better to buy a new or resale home?

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Do you know what buying your house will really cost?

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Ask the right questions in a high-pressure buying situation

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